Youth Transitional Support Services

Life Skills Program
The Life Skills program provides youth with life skills and strategies to prepare them for adulthood. For more information, click here.


PSECA supports youth that are at risk of, or are involved in, sexual exploitation. For more information, click here.

Manhattan Place

Manhattan Place is a community-based home for children and youth who are unable to live with their natural families and/or in their natural homes. The program provides a safe,  stable and healthy living environment for its residents. For more information, click here.

Youth Alternative Program (YAP)

The Youth Alternative Program (YAP) provides support and assistance to children and youth 12 to 24 years of age.  YAP includes the KickStart and ReStart group programs, as well as one-to-one support for children and youth needing extra guidance. KickStart and ReStart  focus on increasing leadership, learning communication skills and building community mindfulness. These services are provided in the community at no cost to young people or their families. For more information, click here.

Youth Transitions to Adulthood (YTA)

The YTA program assists youth who require support in order to live independently, yet are unable to stay with their natural families. For more information, click here.