Supporting vulnerable children, youth and families to ensure they feel safe and supported, gain resiliency and thrive in the community

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Calgary Co-op Community Foundation Donation

McMan Calgary & Area received an extremely generous donation of $50,000 from the Calgary Co-opís Annual Charity Golf Classic. This donation will go towards emergency food hampers to support our women and their families in our Parent Child Assistance Program.  Community donations like this help our agency provide additional resources for our clients and fill gaps in services that are identified by our staff and those we serve. As an agency McMan Calgary & Area is dedicated to providing services that go above and beyond basic service delivery. Thank you Co-op Community Foundation for believing in the work we do. Together we are helping improve the quality of our community.


Together, we can create positive changes in the lives of children, youth and families who rely on McMan Calgary & Area
for support.


Thank You

    Alana Kupchak-Park

    Andrew Paul

    Ann Burrage

    Ashly Poulter

    Barb Filkohazy

    Beverly Schulhof

    Birch Miller

    Brenda Paul

    Brent Ludwig

    Brinder Bhardwaj

    Calgary Chinatown Development Foundation - Bowside Manor

    Calgary Foundation

    The Calgary Properties Lions Club

    Candace Paul

    Cathy Lane Goodfellow

    Cathy Ryan

    Cenovus Employee Foundation

    Charles Agopsowicz

    Charlotte Newton-Stroppel

    Chelsi Matkovich

    Chris Matlashewski

    Christine Mahoney

    Christine Morris

    Claire Stilwell

    Colleen Bradley

    Colleen McMullin

    Connect First

    Dan Clement

    Darcie Gage

    Darlene Petrie

    David McElhanney

    Debbie & Ed Sands

    Denise Le Houillier

    Diana & David Ballard

    Douglas Hill

    Edwin & Maureen Bauer

    Elizabeth Rooke

    Ernestine Crossfield

    Estate of Patricia Stephen

    Fran & Andy Porter

    Gail Urquhart Consulting

    Geoffrey & Chantal Macleod

    Glenda Shufelt

    Gloria Gage

    Heather Warren

    Jane Waldron

    Janis Rogers

    Jason Stone

    Joan McHugh

    Joy Bowen Eyre

    Karen Lott

    Karin Matthiessen

    Kathleen Couch

    Kelli Stevens

    Kinsmen of Stampede City

    Laricina Energy Ltd

    Laura Koltutsky

    Laura MacIver

    Leanna Clement

    Leslie McMechan

    Linda McNally

    Lindsay Monk

    Lindsey Laframboise

    Linea Schreyer

    Lissy Sexsmith

    Lori Campbell

    Lorne Rollheiser

    Louise Breneman

    Lyle Korytar

    Lyn Koltutsky

    Lynne Downey

    Madeline Horne

    Marcelle Mendis

    Marino Giancarlo

    Mathew Suitor

    Michelle Forrieter

    MJ Ferner

    Nicole Latham

    Orbis Investments (Canada) Ltd.

    Paula Telfer

    Perry Longinotti

    Peter Claghorn

    Quentin Sinclair

    Qwest Investigations Ltd.

    Rayna Fudge

    Regina Corrigan

    Renee Watson

    Richard Gushue

    Robert Hagerman

    Sherri McAllister

    Simone Brown

    Soraya Saliba

    Spencer Truax

    Stephen Detrey

    Steve Macleod

    Steven Will

    Sunridge Jiffy Lube

    Susan Ferner

    Suzanne Leacock

    The Home Depot Canada Foundation

    Theresa Robertson

    Tim Veitch

    Todd Fior

    Trevor Condon

    Tricia Babuik

    United Way of Calgary,  Donor Choice program

    Uzu Taiyaki

    Valerie Lonsdale

    Victoria Plouffe

    Zachary Huskinson











Our Vision

Together we transform lives of children, youth and families through sustainable supports and connections, leading to healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

Our Values

McMan is proud to uphold the following values in our interactions with all stakeholders:
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Genuineness